Here I will periodically update an overhead "map" of the terrain generated in the Far Lands or Bust world. Due to the growing size of the world (over 7GB) this is no easy task! I would like to thank a loyal Farlander named Michael for his help in creating the current map!

"Far Lands or Bust!" Map: Episodes 1-182

Below you will find an overhead map of the Far Lands or Bust world, including everything from spawn to The 699492 Monument, encompassing the first 182 episodes of the series! This includes the beginning of Season 4, where we used the Hidey Hole Paradox, retracing our steps to recover Wolfie after he was lost to a glitch during FLoB-ATHON 2012! With this map you can zoom in and out to incredible detail, search and view each Patented Hidey Hole and any signs placed in the world. Enjoy exploring!

Click here to open the map in a new window.